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Property Cases

The terms Property cases is very vast under the Indian Civil Law. Property cases means and include any dispute over right, title, possession, partition of the property. A property on which a case has been instituted is known as suit property and in these cases a map or site plain of suit property is always annexed and disputed area or specific are coloured with any colour (Mostly Red) to show the same to the Hon’ble Judge.

Our Team of efficient Lawyers deals with property case sincerely and strongly present the case before the Hon’ble Court so that it may be decided in our clients favour as early as possible.

Ways To Resolve Property Disputes In India

One of the most common legal disputes in India is property disputes. Property disputes related to property division, property ownership, sale and purchase of property, and other similar concerns. Property disputes among family members, especially brothers, are a common sight in India. In the absence of awareness about the settlement of disputes, most property disputes end up in courts. Lack of proper title documents and court delays often prolong property disputes. Through this article, we shall explore the various aspects of property disputes in India.

Property Disputes in India

India has a large number of pending property disputes. Property disputes can arise among family members and sellers/purchasers of land, and even landlords and tenants. Laws that govern inheritance are applied when property disputes occur among family members. The Act that governs property disputes in India is the Transfer of Property Act. This Act governs the transfer of property in India and forms the legal basis for determining and resolving disputes. While the moveable property is also subject to contention, most of the property disputes in India are related to immovable property such as land or a house.

Many case laws have been passed deciding the contours of property law in India. The holding of such case laws is often important in determining and resolving property disputes in India. One such landmark decision was Vineet Sharma v. Rakesh Sharma, where the daughters were given the right to property as a coparcener for the first time. This clear laying down of the law became the basis for many pending disputes wherein sisters claimed a right in the property and the brothers did not agree to the same.

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