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Landlord and Tenant Disputes

The Indian Law relating to the tenancy of a tenant, firm, company and person has balanced the rights of both the Landlord and Tenant. Both the parties are supposed to be bound by the agreement executed at the time of executing Rent or lease agreement and both the Parties are bound by the tenancy laws.

In the concerned law, Landlord remains the owner of the property, it cannot be illegally occupied by tenant or it can further not be used for some purpose other than mentioned in the agreement and same Tenant is also entitled to get uninterrupted peaceful possession of the tenanted property until he keeps abiding the terms and condition of agreement

Landlord and Tenant disputes if not mutually resolved and which reached to court are either govern by or fall within Local State Law like for Delhi it is Delhi Rent Control Act 1958 and for the state of Haryana it is Haryana Urban (Control Of Rent And Eviction) Rules, 1976. There are various criterias to fall within local law else the dispute shall be dealt with civil law.

Our best advocates deal with such disputes and present the case before the appropriate Court efficiently.

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