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Insurance and Banking Law

As you all know that there are various insurance companies in the market and they provide heath, life, vehicle and various other insurances. It has also observed through various clients that while selling a new policy, the agents and executives of the insurance company seems to be very much active and they keep following up through various means like telephone, e-mail and home visits. But when it comes to processing the insurance claim they keep on lingering on one pretext of some technical grounds or other. They make false commitments while selling the insurance policies and later on reject consumer insurance claims. In such case consumer and person so insured have various legal options and claim the compensation along with your actual insurance. Indian Judiciary and court always protects the consumer’s rights and Bharti Associates lawyers guide you in such situation.

As far as Banking services are concerned, people and consumer often found confused. What to do and where he or she should approach for lodging appropriate complaint for any grievance and moreover, right desk and authority is very much required to raise your concern. We have also been informed bank official refuses for many of services which clients are entitle for, and falsely claim it be the guideline of Concern Authority or RBI. Do remember RBI deals with the complaints against bank in respect to the consumer affairs. And there is ombudsman for filing appropriate complaint. Our Bharti Associates helps our clients in raising their grievances before appropriate forum.

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