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Every individual Indian is entitled to live with dignity and respect. Any person defaming any other person may be held responsible for Civil and Criminal Liabilities. No-body in the society has the right to down you or to disrespect you.

Defamation is defined under section 499 of IPC. And it is clarified that it not only directly but also indirectly or even in innuendo anyone cannot be disrespected in the society. The sections 499 to 502 of Indian Penal Code deal with Defamation.

Defamation can of Two Type it can either be LIBEL and SLANDER. Libel deals with the permanent form of defamation means defamatory statement should be written, published or engraved. Slander deals with the defamatory word either spoken or any defamatory sign, gesture etc.

Person who has disrespect you or tarnished your image can be held responsible for Civil Liabilities and Criminal Liabilities. For civil liabilities accused/defendant has to compensate for your damages which you have claimed and you have proved it to be justified. And in Criminal Liability accused Person can also be punished under section 500 of IPC and such complaint has to be made before the concern magistrate and Magistrate may try and punish the person accordingly. We at Bharti Associates deal with both civil and criminal defamation cases.

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