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Consumer Case

The rights of the consumer are secured under the Consumer Protection Act and as per law various Forums are established to resolve the consumer disputes. The consumer may get appropriate compensation if he or she proves his or her cases. At the district level it is CONSUMER DISPUTE REDRESSAL FORUM in short CDRF and as an Appellate Authority or its own original Jurisdiction such as pecuniary Jurisdiction there is STATE CONSUMER DISPUTE REDRESSAL FORUM in short SCDRF or State Commission and at the National level for appellate Jurisdiction of State Commission of its own pecuniary Jurisdiction, NATIONAL CONSUMER DISPUTE REDRESSAL FORUM in short NCDRF or National Commission is established.

Consumer can also present his or her grievance before the concern forum in person without any legal expert. Do remember, for the case to fall within the Consumer Protection Act, one has to prove that he and she falls within the definition of Consumer and against whom a case or complaint is filed had provided to service/ product or whatsoever. Then only you will come under the definition of consumer.

Any Company, Firm, Person, Proprietor may be held responsible for any unfair trade practice or for any deficiency in services. And the if the forum is satisfied and you succeed in presenting your case, you may be awarded compensation.

Our Team of Lawyers fight for the right of consumer and if any consumer with mala-fide intention unnecessarily harass or in order to extort money from any person, firm, company or proprietor then our team also defends the said company, firm, proprietor and person.

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