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Arbitration is a sort of Alternative Dispute Resolution. Alternative Dispute Resolution methods enjoy significant pros such as lower costs, higher confidentiality, greater flexibility of process, greater likelihood of settlement, choice of forum, choice of solutions etc. Having said that one among the foremost popular widely recognised and practised sorts of ADR is Arbitration.

In the past, there were no rights and no laws as people weren’t educated and didn’t have any knowledge regarding arbitration. But afterwards, when people started getting civilized, the rights of individuals were considered which also gave birth to conflicts. In such cases, one party approached a 3rd person whom they trust and resolve the matter with their suggestions. an equivalent principle applies in today’s era also, because the need for globalization and commercial market is increasing, more disputes are being seen between the parties associated with their contracts and agreement held between them which brings us back to a mutually decided individual that will dissolve their disputes and in legal term, referred to as an “Arbitrator” or “Mediator”. They’re the people that are assigned the work to dissolve commercial disputes between the parties being an independent person, without approaching the court and saving their money and time.

Our efficient lawyers help the litigants from the appointment of an arbitrator to its final award.

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